Privacy Policy

We really care about the privacy policy of our customers and so we have made some rules and regulations of our page to maintain that privacy.

  • The personal information you provide to our site is kept secret and we don’t disclose those anywhere possible.
  • We delete your personal information from our database right after the job is fulfilled. So no spilling of data can be possible.
  • Our aim is to serve our customers as per their requirements and so we try to make our website interactive and easy as much as possible.
  • Our services won’t let you overreach to the government demands.
  • All the transparency is maintained about your personal information on our site.

The Privacy Policy Coverage

Our Policy has a very versatile website of our own in which you will get the information like Science and Tech, Health and Fitness and Love and Relationship. It is an open source form our side and it is under General Public License or GPL. You can download things from our site for better readability. Our Privacy Policy covers:

  • Our website works in a variety of niches like Science & Tech, Health & Fitness, and Love & Relationship.
  • We have good mobile apps for your convenience.
  • Whenever you log in to our website, all of your information gets saved properly and the privacy is maintained without any doubt.
  • The working procedure for us
  • Our privacy is under Creative Common Share like License and so it can increase the respect of actual practices.
  • We collect information which is really needed. And we take that information as per your requirements from our site.
  • All the information provided by you is kept secretly and don’t disclose those.
  • We keep your basic information, Public profile, Transaction information totally intact.
  • All the credentials given by you are kept confidential.
  • You can get as much as important e-commerce information from our site without any legal issues.
  • Contact information or any kind of credential is taken to fulfill the verification procedure and these are kept secret.
  • We don’t share your location information to any site at any cost.
  • You can access your stored information any time you want and we don’t disclose them at all.
  • Our interaction with other sites is very less and so you won’t lose any of your information.
  • We use automatic cookies and pixel tags to track our visitors. And we have certain Cookie Policy. You can always have a look at it.
  • We sometimes collect information about our users from other sites but it is used only to ensure the best service for you.
  • All the emails of the third parties are doe for marketing purposes and advertising purposes. We don’t involve in any kind of spamming.

The main reason to use your information is:

  • To serve you better because by your information, we get to know your preference and by that, we can ensure the best service delivery.
  • By your information, we can research our customer’s needs and can improve ourselves accordingly.
  • This way we can monitor the present trend and want of our users properly.
  • We can measure the effectiveness of our advertising and the impact of it on the customers.
  • One of the primary reasons for this is to ensure the security of information and also give services accordingly.
  • This is an endeavor to understand any kind of fraudulent activity and work as per the situation.
  • The greater purpose of all is to be able to communicate with our customer base to know their requirements at the best level.
  • Sometimes we focus on personalizing your experience with us and this is the way by which we can know your preference and customize our services as per your need.
  • We fulfill all the legal policies in our country regarding usage policy, secrecy policy, etc. for the betterment of our customers.
  • We obey all the Cookie Policy and maintain the data of our customers and handle them with the utmost attention.
  • We do not share any kind of personal information in our portal or any other.
  • We share some information with our third party vendors but they also ensure us about the privacy of the customer and they maintain it nicely.