Benefits of Bananas, Nutrition Facts & Side Effects

Introduction About Banana 

Bananas, on one hand not liked by few, on the other hand, loved by many. Banana is one of the most popular commercial fruits traded. It is mainly found in the tropic region and is also called as ‘Adam Fig’.

It enjoys a significant market reputation. Banana has an amazing blend of nutritional richness such as carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, Vitamins, etc.

There are ‘n’ numbers of health benefits associated with this beautiful fruit. Along with the nutritional facts, it has some medicinal advantages as well, rich in antioxidants, instant energy developer and many more. It is mild in taste. It is the only fruit that can be easily and swallowed by infants and elderlies. Lower in cost and ideal in taste makes it an important food source in developing countries.

Nutrition Facts of Banana

Fruits are rich in nutrition. This is why doctors, yoga teachers, gym trainers, and anyone will suggest one have fruits in any case. Coming on Banana, it is one of those incredible fruits which satisfy a number of nutritional values in the body. Firm to soppy, sweet to starchy this is what banana is.

  • Potassium is good for supporting muscles and nerves
  • Fibre helps in reducing bad cholesterol
  • It has prebiotics good for creating good bacteria to support intestine
  • Rich source of Vitamin B6
  • Low Glycemic index and sugar
  • With so many health benefits and taste, it is used in making excellent snacks.

Some facts of a medium-sized banana are here:

Calories100 – 110
Carbohydrates25 – 27 gm
Protein0.8 – 1 gm
Fat<1 gm
Fiber3 gm
Sugar14 gm
Vitamin10 – 11 gm

How Much Fiber In a Banana

Fiber is that part of plant food which is indigestible and very good for the digestive system. This is of two types:

  • Soluble –that makes the tummy feel full, lowering cholesterol and balancing the sugar level.
  • Insoluble helps in softening our bowels and their movements. Mainly found in cereals, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

Bananas are very good source of fibre and a medium-sized banana contains 3.1 grams of fibre. Constipation, irregular bowel movements, difficulty in passing stools, all this happen because of lack of fibre. Banana relives it and improves digestive health.

How Many Carbohydrates In A Banana

Though a normal sized banana has 27g of carbs, it varies as per the size. But eating in excess will affect your blood sugar level, weight loss or gain. Also, carbohydrates are strictly said NO when you are dieting but if you love it then eliminate the calories from other foods. Banana carbs are unlike other fruits carbs and provide you energy by maintaining proper sugar level.

How Much Calories In Banana

Bananas being one of the most popular fruits in the world has a number of nutrient value. A medium-sized banana has 105 calories on average. Being rich in fibre and low in calories, it can be eaten for weight reduction and also for weight gain.

Is Their Calcium In Banana

strong bones and teeth are the results of having good calcium content in the body. If you are deficient of it, then muscle cramps, dry skin, tooth decay, insomnia, etc. will occur. Having some calcium-rich fruits is important for anybody. 5mg of calcium is found in a banana of normal size. Having a banana daily keeps the count and amount right in the body.

Banana Benefits & Side Effects

Bananas being the unsung heroes of the fruit world, this amazing fruit can do wonders if taken in right quantity. It has countless health benefits as mentioned above in the nutritional chart. It cures number of problems, but yes when taken in right quantity. If you take it in excess then surely it will have side effects like increase sugar levels (glycemic level), weight gain (increased carbs and calories), increased potassium (not good for the one who is suffering from kidney disease), and many more. This is why better taken in appropriate quantities. If you are on ketogenic diet, avoid bananas.

Improve Digestive Health

Being rich in fibre it supports your digestive health to another level. Constipation is one major problems heard these days as food, oils, spices are not that pure that were earlier. This affects our digestive system and creates many other health issues. Taking a banana daily will help to maintain the bowel movement.

Energy Source

If you have ever done gym or exercise, it is always recommended to have a medium-sized banana before it. Why? Because of the energy it provides and controls the sugar level that gets broke during exercise. Maintaining the sugar levels and fulfilling your hunger requirements it is a vital source of energy. It can be a post-workout snack as well.

Rich In Nutrients

Banana is a fruit that has rich nutrients. It contains many nutrients like vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates, calcium, which keep our body healthy and healthy.

Heart Health

Being rich in potassium, it is a kind of mineral electrolyte that keeps the electricity or energy running in the body. More bananas you have, your arteries are at a lower level to get hard. If arteries are healthy then you are away from heart disease. So in this way bananas are preferred for heart.


Have you ever heard of Leukemia? It is a cancer of the blood. Bananas have a protein Lectin in it that acts as an antioxidant and prevents leukemia cells from growing. This protein-free many radicals that lead to the growth of cancer. This is why Vitamin C content is important to be maintained in body.


Being high in carbs and natural sugars bananas have bad reputation in the diabetes community. But why to take it in excess? Like it is very normal, if you take anything in excess then it has its own reactions to body depending on your health. Having a banana will never effect your glycemic index. Fibre in it keeps the blood sugar level maintained.

Cures Anemia

Due to having a good amount of nutrients in it, it is very beneficial for those people who lack blood. Anemia is a condition in which there is a shortage of red blood cells in our body. Due to this, we start feeling tired quickly.

Potassium Source

Potassium is an electrolyte for your body. It maintains healthy nerve function, reduce kidney stones formation, eliminates waste products from cells, lesser muscles contraction and many more. Bananas are rich source of potassium and one banana a day balance everything in body.

Improves Vision

Carrots and spinach are mostly recommended for good eyesight but yes bananas have good share in it. Banana contains a particular amount of Vitamin A in it which is required for healthy eye-sight. It helps in glorifying your eyes and protects your eyes from different compounds. It also helps in preventing blur vision. 

Good Mood

It also has tryptophan that improves the memory and regulate mood. You feel better with it. This tryptophan is later converted in serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps in regulating mood. Bananas have serotonin contain int that controls your depression and boost your good mood.

Strong Bones

As it is rich source of calcium (not overflowing in it) so it is automatically good for bones. Having good amount of carbs, it boosts the digestive friendly probiotics and this in turn helps the body to absorb more calcium. It has other nutrients as well that are good for strong bones.


Somewhere in the earlier studies it has been found that the amount of potassium in a pregnant lady tells us about the baby gender that it is a boy. It was in earlier times, now bananas prevent gestational diabetes which commonly occurs during pregnancy due to lack of sleep. So it is beneficial during this time as well.

Banana Side Effects

No dearth of doubt in it banana is a nutritious fruit and a wonderful pack one needs to stay healthy. But this all is good when taking in right amount. If you overdo it then it can be harmful also. It depends on everyone’s body that how much quantity is good for them. 

What is bad about bananas?

  • Headache: Because of the presence of amino acids, it can result in headaches.
  • Sleepiness: Tryptophan, as mentioned above, is good for relaxing mind and mood, but this can also make one feel sleepy.
  • Tooth decay: Though bananas are consumed for calcium it’s over excess that can lead to tooth decay.
  • Increased sugar level: Obviously with more sugar in it, can increase the blood sugar level in the body.

Anything you eat should be in proper quantity as its less or more can be harmful.

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