Bananas: Health Benefits, Side Effect & Nutrition Facts

Banana is one such fruit that gives us instant energy and it is easily found all over the world. It is eaten in different ways in the country and abroad. In many places it is eaten for breakfast and in some places its vegetable is also prepared and eaten. There are many benefits of eating it. Eating banana is very beneficial for women.

Nutritional Value in Banana

Banana is a very beneficial fruit which is full of nutrients. A medium-sized banana weighs about 120 grams and the following are the amount of nutrients found in it.

Calories100 – 110
Carbohydrates25 – 27 gm
Protein0.8 – 1 gm
Fat<1 gm
Fiber3 gm
Sugar14 gm
Vitamin10 – 11 gm

Benefits of Eating Banana

Above you learned about the nutrients in bananas. So while bananas have so many nutrients, they also have many benefits. Let’s know

Improve Digestive Health

Bananas keep our digestive power fine. It contains fiber which keeps our digestive power strong and healthy. Research has also found that there is a bit of sourness in it and also our digestive power is good.

Energy Source

Banana is an excellent source of energy. People who go to the gym or do some heavy work are often asked to eat this fruit. This is a fruit that gives us instant energy.

Rich In Nutrients

Banana is a fruit that has rich nutrients. It contains many nutrients like vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates, calcium, which keep our body healthy and healthy.

Cures Anemia

Due to having a good amount of nutrients in it, it is very beneficial for those people who lack blood. Anemia is a condition in which there is a shortage of red blood cells in our body. Due to this, we start feeling tired quickly.

Potassium Source

Our body needs about 100 mg of potassium every day. Eating banana fulfills our body’s requirement of potassium.

Improves Vision

Banana contains only a small amount of vitamin A but is very beneficial for the light of our eyes. Vitamin A is essential for protecting our eyes, maintaining normal vision and improving vision at night.

Good Mood

Bananas contain a substance called tryptophan which later turns into serotonin. Serotonin keeps our mood good and also helps us sleep well.

Strong Bones

Calcium is present only in small amounts, but bananas also contain calcium, which keeps our bones strong.

Some Side Effects of Banana

If we eat bananas in regular quantity then there is no great harm to it, but if we say such fruits in more quantity then it can cause us diseases like headache and insomnia. Sugar is also present in banana and if we eat it in large quantity then our teeth can also become bad.

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