What Are The 5 Silent Signs of A Heart Attack?

Silent heart attack is very dangerous because there are no symptoms. But we are telling you some special signs, with the help of which you will be able to know about the silent heart attack beforehand.

Most people are aware of heart attack and its associated symptoms. But do you know about ‘silent heart attack’?

Let me tell you that this is a heart attack that does not show any symptoms. This heart attack is known as ‘silent myocardial infarction’.

Actually, when oxygen does not reach the heart properly, then in such circumstances there is a risk of silent myocardial infarction ie silent heart attack. After which the possibility of serious heart attack increases to a great extent.

According to Harvard Education, 45 percent of heart attack cases have been reported due to silent myocardial infarction. However, this risk is seen more in men than women. But today we are telling you some symptoms of silent heart attack, with the help of which you will be able to protect yourself by finding out about it before turning silent heart attack into a serious heart attack.

Identify silent heart attack like this

1. Pain in the chest with a slightly different feeling.

2. Shortness of breath during or before chest pain.

3. Restlessness in the body. Discomfortness in Waist, neck and abdominal .

4. Sudden sweating.

5. Sudden vomiting, gas, lack of food, etc. are the symptoms of silent heart attack.

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