Tips For Happy Married Life

Marriage rites connect two families, two people swear to live together all their lives and it is a birth-to-life bond – many more such things are said about marriage in our country. But some people are unhappy about their relationship whether husband or wife.

Especially the husband, who gets a call from his wife, he says to the bachelor friends, ‘Brother, you are living a very good life. Never get caught in this mess.

‘ On the other hand, some wives also ‘What should anyone do with them?’ Complaints start to be made with tongue. Problems will be different from everyone, but the few things which are in the basis of every relationship, we will only mention these complainants.

Keep these things in mind

  • Note that after marriage and the agreement we remember in terms of our friends or other relationships, after marriage, we forget for our most special relationship.


  • When sister, brother, sister-in-law, father, mother, friend refuse to do any work, then do not feel bad, but the same refusal comes from the spouse, then why becomes a big issue?


  • In terms of what someone else is looking for, what we are wearing for the party, why do we not impose our will usually, then why force a spouse after marriage?


  • In the house, the mother, sister-in-law, sister, brother, the man who helps the father, suddenly join hands and feet as a husband. It is surprising!


  • If you do not take the risk of commenting on the likes and dislikes of friends, mocking them, or taking time to get ready, why not forget the same thing in the case of wife?


  • A woman who keeps herself busy and happy starts reaching her husband for every happiness and every work. In this connection, the phone calls of ‘Where are’ begin. Together cannot be with all times. This does not bring happiness to privacy, which results in anger. Giving your spouse space, respecting their time, understanding the privacy of each other’s privacy and understanding the importance of will can keep your complaints away.


  • When comparing those who have been married, do not just look at the examples of Nibah, see the conditions of the agreements.


  • There can be special conditions of marriage in every marriage and common conditions of agreements. Complainants usually take special situations as an example and compare themselves to them and find a deficiency in their relationship.


  • The truth is that relationships run on a two-way basis. If neither one makes an agreement, then the work goes on, nor is there a solution for both of them to raise their ego. leave your ego and try to be happier and Keep your relationship happy


  • If only the relationship or the complaints remain, then the strength and strength of the relationship will be affected.

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