Everything Know About Lord of the Rings Amazon’s Upcoming Game

If you are fans of the impressive fantasy adventure movie named Lord of the Rings, this article is a great pleasure for you. When it comes to “fellowship of the ring,” it is the first part of this adventure movie entirely based on the 1st volume of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.

It was successfully followed by the second installment named “The Two Towers in 2002. In 2003, the third volume of this film was released in the name of “Return of the King.”

It is set in the Middle-earth and tells of Dark Lord named Sauron, who is looking for the One Ring.

This ring has discovered its path to a little hobbit named Frodo Baggins otherwise called Elijah Wood. The destiny of the Middle-earth hangs in poise as Frodo.

The eight companions of this story create the Fellowship of the Ring the start their travel to the Mount Doom located in the Mordor land. It is the right location where the One Ring can be destroyed.


This film was released on the date 10 December 2001. It was acclaimed by both fans and critics. Most of the people considered this film as the landmark in movie making


Also achievement in this fantasy movie genre.

This movie earned more than $871 million globally and turned into the 2nd biggest grossing movie in the year 2001

Both In the United States and globally.

The most impressive fact about this film is that it was successfully nominated for 13 Oscar Awards at the seventy-fourth ceremonies of Academy Awards. 

In the year of 2007, the first of this film was voted number fifty on the list of hundred greatest American movies released by American film institute.

What is an idea behind the Lord of the Rings game?

upcoming game lord of the rings

Without any lack of franchises, across an excellent multimedia entertainment world, many have tried to translate their great success into an excellent video game.

Most of the releases will generally coincide with the blockbuster TV series or film. Rarely people get a chance to experience the wonders of their favorite charters in the video game series from before the Hollywood industries get their hands over it.

One of the best examples of franchises is the excellent job of J.R.R Tolkien. It has thoroughly enchanted the overall imaginations of people. The name of this exciting game is Lord of the Rings

It is significant to know that this game series has six iterations. This article shares your precise details regarding the Middle-Earth Tolkien Game.

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Useful facts about the Lord of the Rings

It is a massive multiplayer and free-to-play online game wholly set in the universe of dragons, hobbits, and wizards of J.R.R. Tolkien. They are on their path from the Amazon Game Studios.

It is significant to know that this game studio is in full collaboration with the Hong Kong-based interactive publisher. The developer named Leyou Technologies and Middle-earth Enterprises. There is no official announcement related to the game title. 

According to Amazon,

The untitled game will bring players an excellent chance to take an epic exploration of the vast Tolkien world. It’s also acquire new gaming experience.

The team has planned to publish this game on both console and PC. This game also set before the events depicted in the trilogy of this series. It is unrelated to LOTR based television series created by Amazon.

The overall development of Lord Of The Rings is led by a team behind the veteran and new world game developers of Amazon.  It is vital to know that they have some credits, including Everquest, Defiance, Warcraft, and much more.

Know about the new project

new lord of the rings game 2019

According to the collaboration agreement, both Leyou and Amazon Game Studios are developing this game jointly. The critical thing to note is Amazon Game Studios are publishing and marketing the game title worldwide with an exemption of China. 

As per the statement of Christoph Hartmann, the Middle earth of Tolkien is the richest and wonderful fictional world.  It brings the team of skilled MMO developers a fantastic chance to create and play.

The MMO developers receive this opportunity from a similar studio which is developing the New World. 

The team has sturdy leadership facilities to helm the overall new project. Amazon Game Studios also grow its team for aids in building the most incredible experience.

Alex Xu, who is the CEO of Leyou Technologies Holdings, said that offering Middle-earth series to life requires having the right partners.  The talented teams, customer obsession, and technology of Amazon make is suits for both publisher and co-developer.

The expert trust that both the combined expertise and resources of the team will lead to a compelling and beautiful game that customers will play and love without any limit.

Fredrica Drotos, who is a licensing and chief brand officer for the Middle-earth Enterprises which is a division of Saul Zaentz Company, told that the company was entirely “delighted” with Amazon-Leyou partnership.

It will immerse the team in the epic and popular world of Middle-earth, which is envisioned by Professor Tolkien.

Most significantly, the Middle-earth Enterprises entered the licensing agreement with the Athlon Games subsidiary of Leyou last year. Also, Athlon revealed the Tolkien game at a time but kept the involvement of Amazon under wraps.

Official Announcement

Amazon tweeted as “Welcome to the Second Age.” It confirms that this story will concentrate on the events which happen long before some stories in the most leading novels of Tolkien.

It means that there are many events form the Second Age, which has more impact on Lord of the Rings.


Amazon Studios work with J.A. Bayona who is a director of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to direct their first two episodes of their upcoming LOTR television series.

Even though unrelated to this game, the game series will be truly set in the pre-Rings Tolkien world.  To produce this series, Amazon Studio needs the cooperation of Tolkien Estate and Trust, HarperCollins and New Line Cinema, a division of Warner Bros.

If the series of Amazon is going to concentrate on the Second Age, the team gets an excellent opportunity to publish Tolkien’s work after death.  It is advised to keep watching the updates regularly to know precise information about the new game.

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