Biomutant Trailer, Release Date, Gameplay and More {Updated}

Biomutant game is a highly expected action role-playing game that is developed and published by Swedish developer named Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic respectively.

This upcoming game planned to successfully released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows in 2019.

This post-apocalyptic and open-world game has an extensive range of mutant creatures in a lush and strange new world. In June 2019, the officials released a 30 minutes video which shows the whimsical style of this game.  It lets people know about the customization feature included in this game.  It has lots of various options as players can change their character’s genetic structure. 

The players get to notice the fast-paced combat when they battle through various hordes and leading to the boss fight


With their individual homemade mech. The video features the lettering style of the comic book in some situations. 

Biomutant Release Date

biomutant release date

Biomutant is a post-apocalyptic and open-world Kung-Fu fable RPG, equipped with exclusive martial arts styled battle system. 

They allow players to mix mutant ability, melee and shooting action. These are the major highlights of this upcoming game that grab the attention of many action game lovers towards.

It also creates more curiosity among interested players to know about the Biomutant Release Date.

Everyone knows that the release date of this game has changed several times, with every time bringing players close to the original date.

According to a recent leak, you will expect the game developer may release this game in July 2019. 

It is the right time to reveal this game because there is no need to compete with other huge AAA titles which generally release at the end of fall.

There are some rumors that the Switch version or mode may be truly in works offered a track record of THQ Nordic to supporting Nintendo console.

Biomutant Game trailer


According to the Biomutant Trailer,

players can get a precise idea about what they can actually expect from the open-world and action-packed RPG.

With an extensive range of unique gaming features and martial arts style, it let players combine different actions.

The martial arts style battle system of this game promises to let the player get better independence of movement and agility while combining powers, shooting and melee from the mutations.

You are also capable of recoding your genetic structure for modifying the way you play and look.

The aim of this game is to allow you to match and max the parts for creating your individual double- or single-handed slash, pierce melee and crush weapons.

In addition, you will have complete freedom while equipping your character.

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Biomutant Gameplay


It is the action-based role-playing game that is set in the open-world atmosphere. It is played from the 3rd person perspective in that you can take the control of a raccoon-like character in this gaming world boasting of mutated animals.

At first, the players required customizing their individual characters

When it comes to length, sex, body thickness and shape, fangs, funs and remaining attributes, they tweaked and also have a direct impact on statistics of playable character during the gameplay.

The thicker character looks like heavier that makes it very slow, but it is capable of dealing and resisting many damages

The battle system merges melee attacks with the long-range shooting. You can gather parts throughout this game and merges them for creating a weapon. The effect will vary from one part to the next one.

Moreover, this game features lots of Affixes that includes electrical and cryogenic that are useful in battles.

You can try to merge the efficiency of several weapons properly by simply switching between various weapons during the battle.

The gaming characters are capable of dodging to right, backward and left and jump. After form leveling up a character, you can use the level-up points for strengthening your attributes.

You can interact with particular characters to learn about the new moves. 

Biomutant Gameplay has mission-based lines.

Useful Details of Storyline

This game actually set in an environmentally varied world. It is set on a brink of the possible apocalypse after the Tree of Life.

It is a source of living creations that turn into infected by the poisonous oil which is leaking from the earth. 

Roughly about 6 tribes of the creatures developed with 3 hoping for finding a path for saving the tree.

When it comes to the other three,

They are looking for ways of survival following the imminent demise of the tree.

The player needs to decide what kind of path their overall story takes by effective choosing which direction side to align everything.

The decisions of players will determine whether the Tree of Life is capable of recovering as well as restoring the world.

  • Branching Paths

Based on Biomutant Story, the game developer decides to bring you more than 1 path for reaching potential results regardless of your chosen direction.

For example, if you select to protect the Tree of Life, you can acquire several ways for achieving your goal, like defeating creations that are gnawing fully on the infected roots of a tree or gathering special potatoes that will completely cure the infected roots.

  • Tribes

This game promises you to provide flexibility in choosing the playing method. 

They are essential skills that you can only learn after you are proving your loyalty. To achieving this goal, you require helping the claim outposts as well as wage battle against other tribes.

Gaming Characters

biomutant characters

Apart from 6 tribes players would align with,

This game appears as an adobe to a great range of various creatures which specialize in various fields. They can also help you in the quest to destroy or save the world. 

An inventor called Whiz Tinker-Tonker, a wheel-chair-bound one-legged creature named Out-of-Date and mechanic called Gizmo a grease monkey are the major gaming characters who are having sufficient details about Tree of Life.

They will play the most significant role in the game progression, with few of them are having better access to equipment and weapons important to reach the new regions in this gaming world.


This gaming world will alter with your every action.  The main objective of this action game is to bring interactive and interesting experience to the players. 

As the open-world RPG game,

The Biomutant game comes with a perfect blend of discovery, exploration,


Interesting characters to enhance your playing experience. If you are RPG fans, it is recommended to keep watching the updates related to Biomutant.

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