Indivisible Gameplay, Release Date, Trailer, Characters and More

Back in 2015 for the Indivisible, raising the crowdfunding amount was around $2 million due to amazing animated visuals and inventive combat mechanics to match the captivating presentation. Indivisible game is an action and adventure side-scrolling Skullgirls manufacturers.

Indivisible gameplay is purely a 2D hand-drawn and animated RPG platform with ultra-rare real-time party fighters. An indivisible game made by Lab Zero Games is about confident Ajna as she encounters environments and monsters inspired by Southeast Asian mythology.

In Indivisible gameplay, to build a world filled with characters, Lab Zero has amalgamated several elements from various cultural backgrounds. As Ajna has lost her village, a mysterious power awakens her to find the one responsible for the village destruction.

Heading forwards she meets many interesting characters and learns more about herself and the World of Loka where the story is set.

She is more skilled to fight back due to the special powers that permit her to absorb individuals into her being and uses that power to overcome obstacles and fight with monsters.

The Indivisible video game has a very unique feature, that it has an amalgamation of traditional platforming with dynamic RPG combat.

Indivisible Game Trailer


Indivisible Story

Begin with a party of a single player that will soon grow into a cast of multiple faces


You explore 2.5D forests, tombs, and temples so you’ll enroll party members called Incarnations.

You have to plot a team of 4 players at once, and further you’ll volunteer party members called Incarnations. Each of them has a task to the face button for basic attacks and abilities.

Assigned unique roles to fill, the game provides plenty of possibilities for exciting team combos,


With that allowing to approach challenges in several ways.

indivisible game story

To conquer the party, shift the analog stick alongside as it can lead to light, heavy and healing skills for the party rather than pressing the face button as it will result in a basic strike.

Through her route, she’ll come across several tools and abilities, through which she can outstretch the new areas, that were formerly inaccessible.

From this, there is an axe that permits you to scale walls, and bow that helps you to criticize enemies from distance priory involving in the battle. Also, the use of axe can be acting as a double-jump to reach a higher place.

If you fail to swerve the attack the gigantic creatures will deal massive damage which in result makes sequential actions to be crucial. Each character pursing pros and cons, some being weaker while able of shattering spells, while others might be bulky with the speed of a snail. 

Stunning Characters of Indivisible Gameplay

indivisible game characters

The main characters of Indivisible gameplay are Ajna and Roti.

Crossover characters

Annie- Annie is a potential skull girls DLC character but having rumored that she is immortal.

Shovel Knights– Shovel Knight is the protagonist of the game of the same name.  He is a confident hero who is out on a quest to save his dearest, Sheild Knight. He shovels *very* well.

Zackasauras– Zackasaurus is a skateboarding dinosaur. He is also a member of the Super T.I.M.E. Force.

Shantae– Shantae is a half-genie with shape-shifting powers and a ponytail-whip.

Red- Red a singled out lady and attacked by the group known as the Camerata.  Red outlasted with the attack but due to the involvement of her lover, who took the mortal blow instead of her.


Due to this attack, Red lost her voice, still, she can hum. She is also the wielder of the sword known as the Transistor. The outfit of red is of a long dress which has been torn for easier movement, high heel shoes that have had their heels broke off, as well as her lover’s discarded jacket.  It appears in 2 games.

Lea– One of the cursed protagonists of Curses ‘N Chaos.

Juan Aquacate– A luchador on a quest to save El Presidente’s daughter.

Playable Incarnations

Upon the course of the adventure, Ajna will encounter the incarnations, people she can absorb into herself.

Indivisible Game Platforms

Zebei is renowned for his archery. In a battle, as his tribe’s most accomplished archer, he can be a bit of a show-off, wowing people with his rapid-fire barrages of arrows and fancy flourishes.

Razmi doesn’t get along particularly with Ajna or the other Incarnations. In battle, Razmi prompts Bom’s intense spirit on her enemies and flaunts powerful spells and hexes.

Tungar a predominant of the “urumi,” a sword with a flexible, ribbon-like blade. A prominent military commander, Tungar now leads an ascetic life seeking for capable youth to train.

Thorani with a bit of a playful side is calm and careful celestial. She enjoys living among humans and hopes to bring joy to the citizens of Tai Krung City with her performances.

Kushi such a small and cheerful girl with a master falconer at this age. She allowed her to befriend with Altun, a stoic and intimidating roc.

Still, there are many other incarnations players.

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Indivisible Game Release Date

Firstly, the Indivisible game scheduled to have a release during 2018, but due to incompletion of the project, Lab Zero Games is aiming to reveal an Indivisible game in 2019.

So this year would be an awaited year for this extra thrilling game. Backers of Indivisible gameplay can play the new beta by running their previously installed demo, released in 2017, for PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.

Indivisible Game Platforms

Platforms on which Indivisible gameplay runs would be PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Along with this, Indivisible is also available for the Mac, and Linux with that it will offer multi-language support in its full release next year.

So It’ll be interesting to see how Lab Zero’s assault into action RPGs received when the game drops later this year.

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