How To Book A Season Train Ticket On The UTS App

UTS App:- Everyone likes to travel to Train for their vacation, office, or any other purpose. Train travel would be quite an entertaining journey for the people from start to the end. Most of the people regularly travel on the local trains in the Indian Railways.

Getting the Season Ticket would be the best option for those who are frequently traveling on the local train. For example, when you are booking a one-way ticket booking between Church gate to Andheri in the second class, it would cost about Rs. 10, and for the First class, it cost Rs. 105.

Most of the people even have a Monthly pass that costs about Rs. 215 and Rs. 650 respectively, for the same route. Taking a single Monthly pass allows you to travel across the two stations number of times easily.

One of the best economical options is when you are taking the local train in the Second class with more than 11 return trips and three return trips in the First Class.

Season Train Ticket is much more preferred by many numbers of people for the economic condition. Buying the Season Train Ticket on the IRCTC official website is not possible, so it is best to choose the alternative option.

In the early days, it is necessary to wait at the ticket counter in the Railway Station for getting the Season Tickets.

With the advancement in technology and digitization, you do not need to stand in a long queue. The UTS app is one of the ultimate options for you to get the Season Tickets in a much more hassle-free manner.

What Is the UTS App?

book ticket on UTS App

The UTS application for the Smartphone has developed by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) arm in the Indian Railways.

UTS App is mainly helpful for displaying the Ticket with the use of this app. There is no need to array the printed copy of the Train ticket.

This is a much more convenient option for the people to get instant reservation of the Season Train ticket.

Using these paperless tickets, the UTS app is a much more significant option for you to save your time.

You can significantly book your tickets on the go without any hassle.

Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) app is the Mobile ticketing that has introduced by the Indian Railways,


It becomes more popular these days. Many railway passengers have been using this app for their ticket book, and more numbers have taken this option for booking total suburban tickets.

With the advancement in the technological world, computers and Smartphones become the most fantastic choices for shopping, booking tickets, socializing and many more.

Based on a recent report from the IE, 80,000 to 1 lakh average commuters daily have been using the Mobile tickets in the Western Zone and Central zone of the Indian Railways.

UTS app mainly allows the passengers to easily book the suburban railway tickets in a few seconds.

Using this app, lets the user to easily deposit the money using the R-wallets. Booking the single-journey ticket and even generating the revenue passes becomes easier.

Even though there are many numbers of suburban railway tickets are available online, but the UTS app allows the user to get instantly book and there is no need to get a printed copy.

Registration Process

UTS app service is not available for the individual under the age of 17. The service would not be applicable for the individuals who have their accounts removed or suspended by the Indian Railways.

Only with the Terms and Condition, it is best to use the complete services for the railway ticket booking. With abiding the complete Terms and Condition, you need to represent the warrant that you have the appropriate authority or right for entering into the Agreement.

It is also essential not to impersonate anyone or their entity or misrepresent age or affiliation to any kind of person.

  • Complete Registration needs to be made for the above services using the UTS app from the official website.
  • The passenger also needs to get information such as
    • Name
    • Mobile Number
    • Password
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
  • OTP would be sent to the specified mobile number against any kind of USER ID in the field, and it would also ensure the complete verification of the mobile number.

With the complete Registration, appropriate SMS would be sent for the user on the success of the registration. Normally, your account would be activated within a few seconds.


With the complete registration, you can easily Enter your Credentials with the Login page to enter your App.

How To Easily Book The Season Train Ticket On UTS App?

For booking the season train ticket on UTS app, you need to follow the below instructions

  • Open UTS app on your iPhone or Android
  • Click on the Login button in the top-right corner of the App (rectangle with right arrow)
  • Enter credentials
  • Tap “Book Ticket”
  • Tap “Season Ticket”
  • Choose “Book & Travel” option
  • Click “Issue Ticket”
  • Check Station – Now select your preferred station to book your ticket from
  • Select your destination
  • Tap “Done”

Multiple options are enabled that includes “duration of the season ticket” so you can click it. Purchase season ticket for 1 year and get the information like First or Second Class, AC or non-AC trains are available. Check on basic identity information and enter it.

  • Enter your address
  • Click “Done”
  • Click “Get Fare”
  • Select preferred payment gateway
  • Click “Book Ticket”
  • Read the “undertaking from season ticket holder.”
  • Click “Accept”

There are 3 different types of the Payment Gateway, and you can use them for making your Payment. When you have selected the R-Wallet, then you would be redirected to the homepage, and you could easily choose the payment gateway.

See the Ticket app for accessing them on the Home screen in the UTS app. UTS App records the frequent routes that could be taken by the passenger for facilitating to next Ticket booking.

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