5G Network And Your Health – What You Need To Know

Everyone knows that 5G Network is the next generation of mobile technology suitable for upcoming smartphones. There are some concerns available regarding the health problem of this more powerful and new network. 

According to the reports of 5G,

The speeds of data will be a hundred times quicker than is presently available with 5G and 4G will be capable of supporting.

At least a hundred billion handsets in this range. Once the 5G handsets deployed, everyone will be capable of moving into the period of IOT (Internet of Things).

It primed for offering cars that drive themselves, washing machines which can order laundry soap, refrigerators that can restock the groceries automatically and allowing people to enjoy video streaming and ultra-fast film downloads from anyplace.

Currently, you can find out lots of articles regarding 5G Phones on leading social media websites. Most of the articles state that this new technology is a harmful escalation of previously existing cellular technology. Few others mention it as a particular thing which is boasting of more radiation, which delivers potential problems to people. 

Few 5G experts argue that this new network product radio frequency radiation which not only leads to DNA but also leads to cancer.

In addition, it creates oxidative damage which will cause disrupt cell metabolism, premature


It also leads to health issues by generating more stress proteins. 

Some articles shares opinions and research studies by reputable organizations named the WHO (World Health Organization). Even though they sound worrisome, it is smart to follow the actual science.

Everything Know about 5G Technology

5G hyped for certain years, but now it starts the task of fully rolling out a new wireless standard. Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon have begun to expand the network in the 1st half of every year.

Also, 5G will acquire the foothold in more than an array of cities in 2019.

It is important to know that 5G provides a minimal tenfold enhancement in network performance. 

The final leading network improvement was 4G that debuted in the year 2009, with an increased speed of roughly about 10 Mbps. 

When it comes to 5G, it poised for delivering the utmost speeds exactly between ten and twenty Gbps. The latency of the network will drop exactly from 30ms to 1ms, suitable for online video, video game streaming and IoT that is looking for 5G Network for connecting computers, sensors and the remaining devices with the ultra-low latency.

You can think about MMW (millimeter wave) while thinking about 5G. 5G mobiles will function in very mid-range and low frequencies,


Exactly where this mobile technology will vary from earlier cellular technologies is that it will function in an increased level of millimeter wave range that falls exactly between 30GHz and 300GHz.

When it comes to BMWs, they are shorter-ranged waves that never emanate lots of frequencies already used.  For accommodating these needs, there are lots of compact cell towers in highly populated areas.

It is the biggest game-changer for your health Because it is possible that you will soon be close to the cell tower and exposed to high frequencies of radiation.

Is radiofrequency radiation dangerous for humans?

The major concerns regarding this mobile technology are the new iteration of the decades of articles regarding the hassles of electromagnetic radiation.

When it comes to electromagnetic hypersensitivity,

It is the hypothetical disease in that some individuals experience debilitating symptoms while having direct contact with Wi-Fi and cell phones.

In short, most of the concerns regarding the mobile network are RFR (radio frequency radiation). It is something which is emitted in the electromagnetic spectrum that ranges from the microwaves to radio waves, x-rays, light and even monitor.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Obviously, it is not dangerous, so the issues become noticing under which circumstances they may be.

Scientists explain that a significant criterion regarding whether a specific RFR is harmful to health is whether it enters into the classification of non-ionizing or ionizing radiation.

Any radiation which is non-ionizing is weak for breaking the chemical bonds. It consists of visible light, ultraviolet and infrared with lower frequency. 

Some daily technologies such as FM radio, Wi-Fi and power lines also come under this range. Frequencies above gamma rays and x-rays are ionizing.

Studies are not obvious

The NTP (National Toxicology Program) announced in One new study,

An organization directed by the Department of Health and Human Services. This widely conducted study regarding radio frequency radiation of cell phones let scientists discover some facts.

The increased level of exposure to the 3G RFR will lead to certain hassles, including brain tumors, cancerous heart tumors and even tumors in adrenal glands of the male rats.

The Environmental Health Trust actually contends that.,

“The 5G technology will require the development of accurately hundreds and even thousands of wireless antennas in the neighboring cities as well as towns. 

There is another transmitter or small cellular cell will be located every 2 to 10 residences based on the estimates.

It is simple to discover that the increased 5G network frequency alone constitutes some risk.  The RadiationHealthRisks.com notices that “4G, 3G, 2G and 1G use between one to five gigahertz frequencies.

The 5G technology uses exactly between twenty-four to ninety gigahertz frequencies.

Within the portion of RF Radiation of electromagnetic range, if you increase the frequency level, it will increase the number of dangers to the living organisms.

Final Words

Activists actually point to the study that they state cellphone radiation actually affects human health. They also want the 5G network deployments fully halted until complete safety of the latest devices is determined.

Scientists will continuously test the new networks when technology evolves, for ensuring the technology you use daily remains safe. As the study of NTP shows, research into the radiation risks is complex as well as often inconclusive. It means that the research process takes more time duration for making real progress.

Everything you know about the 5G networks shows you that there are no reasons to be fully alarmed. Moreover, there are lots of technologies you use daily with a considerably increased measurable risk.

You can try to avoid wasting your time for researchers. Instead, you can take immediate action to protect your health and your family members from various hidden dangers of the electro-pollution.

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