GTFO Game: Release Date, Trailer, Story and More

GTFO is 4 players cooperative zombie shooter game which is horrible and terrifying. Others have done many attempts to replicate the gaming formula like “Payday” and “Killing Floor”.

But none of them can hold the attention of the gaming community. GTFO Game is an upcoming first-person shooter action game developed by Swedish Indie studio 10 Chambers Collective.

Since 2017’s game announcement GTFO hasn’t been seen much. Looking at this game it looks like its covered with full of mystery and adventure.

The Game was announced for the first time in the 2017 game show. Its release year was given 2018 and the release date was scheduled in Spring – 2019.

After 10 minutes of the release gameplay trailer, the GTFO gameplay video was released with new features. All updates are given regularly so that you’ll learn who has trapped you


Why you have been trapped in the underground complex.

“Firstly, style of environments is a big start off in something that looks natural and normal”, says Ulf Anderson,

The creator of payday as well the founder of 10 chambers collective and creative director for this game.

“And then, as the game will progress, this game will change and become weird.”

For the players who are looking for a real challenge and thrilling experience, GTFO is designed. Here search team players get to play, forced to explore and take out valuable artifacts from an extremely large underground complex.

GTFO Game Trailer

GTFO Story

This Game is scary for some, while the story surrounds with four main characters: Woods, Dauda, Hacket, and Bishop. The characters are like prisoners who are forced to explore underground complexes filled up with horror monsters.

Trending news was that GTFO for PC release was confirmed

but now, it’s not confirmed yet that either of GTFO PS4 or Xbox will be released or not.

In these circumstances, we don’t know how the Wardens motive or characters will fall out. Through gameplay, it seems like the community will be able to unwrap the truth for themselves. The revelation of this information will mostly be through character dialogue, environmental clues and hidden artifacts spread throughout the levels.

In a recent interview, Anderson mentioned that the story will be incomplete at the time of release but rather he added post-launch,

it means players will have to predict and have to present their theories about the game’s portrait.

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GTFO GamePlay

In GTFO gameplay there’s a lot to go over. There will be four-person team up squads in which each player controlling one of the four leading men


Explore part handcrafted, part procedurally generated levels.

GTFO Gameplay

If players like to learn more or have a look over some dark and gloomy screenshots they can see on GTFO Steam.

Every mission will be fairly linear and different in both length and difficulty. Some will last for 15-40 minutes while others will last for multiple hours.

GTFO players have to work together during missions, communicate to solve puzzles, find supplies.

Eliminate the bulk of enemies and complete tasks requested by Warden also an interesting part of this game.

Level of Design

The developer has stated there are other environments such as high- tech labs and more because so far we have only seen gameplay from levels set in underground mines and caves.

Not only appearance, but there will also have different characteristics that affect gameplay, like sizes of different rooms, vertically, and many different enemy types.

As every new run will be different from the previous one, it is incompetent to try to memorize a level layout and a bunch of different full of enemy locations.

It does not end here each level will contain extremely difficult randomly generated environmental hazards like the example, low oxygen, toxic gas, EMP waves, which will create an additional layer of challenge for players as they move on in the mission.

Lastly, there will be levels that have segments that will alternate between the encounters based on secret action and for those who will be detected later there will be no penalty for them.

Enemy Types

After exploring every level, squads will have to face multiple species of unfriendly creatures. So, we can see them in the bunch with a very harsh voice, they are the more basic enemy that have mutated heads. They can quickly get charged and crawl in this gameplay.

They tend attacking in large numbers, sometimes it does not seem to take much to eliminate these creatures, but in large groups, they can easily create confusion and panic for any team.

There are some more enemy types which are rude and use tentacles to latch on players and grab them and drag them away from their team, and some enemies are ‘shadows’ which can only be seen by shining a flashlight over them or using an enemy scanner because normally they are invisible.

The developer has said that they are planning to add more dangerous enemy types and they are waiting to reveal them and plan on adding more in the future.

Weapons and Gadgets

The players have a wide- selection of primary and special weapons at their disposal, to fight with enemies. GTFO has a customization system that will feature a fairly deep weapon.,

which allows players to change their gun’s scope, barrel, magazine size, and so many other things.

GTFO Weapons and Gadgets

As the game progresses. Players also get tools including a mapping device, an enemy scanner, sentry turrets, traps, and a ‘glue gun’ gadget. After the use of this glue gun on enemies they move slower after being hit.

In this whole process one thing,

the players should note down that this all information leads to the belief that teamwork is the most important component for surviving. 

In GTFO’s harsh and dangerous environments during encountering the mission,

You have to be prepared for any situation


Players have to understand and work in coordination with a team before the situation goes critical.

Sometimes when the diversity of weapons and tools are brought up it will show negative effects so you know that how much your squad will have to face damage and leaves you open to certain endangered enemy types.


In the gaming world, it’s not every day that you see a new studio debut with a project as promising as GTFO. However, creating a refined co-operative experience you need to consider the founder and previous team’s work.

10 Chamber Collective experiences unique crafting of horror during which communication and teamwork are crucial for survival which makes the community excited for the results. 

As GTFO gameplay PS4 will soon be out so suiting up for screaming at your friends with voice chat and keep your torches ready when GTFO releases later this year.


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