10 Common Gym Mistakes People Mostly Do

There are a few things that go wrong while you are at the Gym and head towards working on your fitness and health. Let’s check some of the common gym mistakes that we do, and how to avoid them?

1. Do You Skip Your Warm-up?

To save time and focus on core training, people often start wrong. They skip the warm-ups before doing their work out at the gym. It’s very important to add a quick warm-up before starting your core exercise.  Have a dedicated warm-up that involves squats, lunges, push-ups or jumping.

Skip your Warm up

Before big lifts such as the deadlift, start with warm-ups where you do higher reps with lighter weights. It slowly builds up the heat and blood-pressure. Avoiding a sudden increase in heart-beats, this saves one from multiple chronic problems. Give your body time to pump-up, settle, heat-up and then start with a core workout.

2. Do you warm-up for too long?

Now there are even people who just love warm-up sessions. They keep on doing cardio. Doing cardio at the wrong time, or for too long may tire you when you are under the bar.

Girls Do Warm Up

If you are focusing on triceps for the day, focus on just warming up the muscles associated with your triceps. You don’t need to do intense warm-ups for your whole body while doing it for long, you might tire your body during your core training.

3.  Do you focus on the same body part daily?

There are a few people, who work out for weeks and for a month, but yet they don’t follow proper workout-plan. They follow the same workout plan for weeks, our body gets accustomed to the same routine. You even get bored and it will stall the results.

same workout at gym

You need to understand your body and keep on changing your routine, make sudden changes as your body changes. Keep changing your gym and exercising schedule every 3-4 weeks and see what works out best for you. This may help you to make the perfect shape of your body and prevent the gym mistakes.

4. Do you depend highly on external Supplements?

As much as it’s healthy, it not necessarily improves the fitness quotient of your body. You should intake the balance of nutritional according to your exercise.

Girl Takes Supplement

It’s necessary to have a trusted manufacturer, some of the proteins contain heavy metals (arsenic, lead, cadmium) take note of the side effects and long term issues this might create.

5. Do you Ignore Hygiene?

It’s important to follow hygiene at the Gym as you are exposed to thousands of germs there. Wipe down the sweaty types of equipment before and after using it. Use towels and sanitizer, before wiping off your face.

Gym Hygiene

If you are sick, avoid the gym for the day, you may save even others from getting infected. Use flip-flops while getting a shower at the gym. This may lead to avoiding gym mistakes.

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6. Do you forget your water bottle?

It’s very important to keep yourself hydrated while you do your core exercise. Drinking timely water lubricates your joints, helps in transporting nutrients and keeps your energy high.

Girl Takes Water in Gym

It saves you from dizziness or fainting when you focus on your core exercise. It helps in avoiding the muscle cramps, next time your body feels tired once you finish the workout, grab your water bottle, have a good sip before heading to the next exercise.

7. Do you wait for the equipment to get free?

It’s suggested that one should be in and out of the gym in 60 Minutes, it means one needs to use the time wisely in the gym. Always have back-up options that you can do, rather than waiting for the equipment to free-up.

Waiting in Gym

Have plan B, that will be as challenging as your core exercise for the day. You can also try to go to the gym during the early hours, avoid peak hours.

8. Do you take the gym all by yourself?

There are gym buddies that we see, hog around all the gym equipment, going from one end of the gym and running towards the other, like walking into the part.

Gym Buddies

Stick to your routine, don’t move from one equipment to another wasting time of yours and others at the gym as well.  The placement of equipment is done right as per the required sets, so utilize the same area, it will also save your transit time.

9. Do you change your exercise without knowing its effect?

People often start doing exercises in the way they feel comfortable, without understanding its impact on us, one must learn and start doing a workout after learning proper methodology.

change in workout

Not following proper postures may lead to several savior muscle problems on a longer run.

10. Do you act like a spoiled child at the Gym?

Achieving fitness, or any healthy habits requires a lot of discipline, so is while you are at the gym. Avoid occupying the equipment just to rest of check messages on your phone, avoid covering the mirror to click pictures.

Girl Doing Weightlifting in Gym

keep the pieces of equipment from right where you have picked them from, don’t talk too much with other around it wastes their time as well, keep your voice low while exercising, listen to music using hands-free, don’t miss out going to gym regularly, stick to your goal and focus on your daily schedule.

Be disciplined and always focus on achieving your goal toward being healthier and fit life. Enjoy your time at the gym, avoid this kind of gym mistakes listed above and you are good to go.


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