LGBT Pride Month June – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) – LGBT Pride Month is currently celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan

All around the world, the LGBT Pride month community has been growing. One day at a time, fighting for their rights to get the same platform as opposite genders get when they are together.

On the day of 6th September of the year 2018, LGTBQ got a legal aid in India by the Supreme Court after a long fought battle.

Yet, even now there are millions of individuals. Who are still not able to even process if they belong to this community.

The rules of your society are so rigid

That an individual feeling something different than that often even realizes it after a very long time.

As the awareness of LGBT grows globally, more and more individuals are finding a place to belong that they didn’t even know they needed.

The realization is a slow and gradual process especially difficult for a transgender person. A person is diverted to both genders in different ways. One might know that he/she belongs to the community from the very start or after a very long time.

gay couple

Yet, it is important to see that anybody who has now realized that they do not belong to the stereotype crowd created by society.

They have an attraction to the same gender that they belong to otherwise, they must the space to accept that idea as well as getting accepted by their family members and friends around them.

Helping a friend or Family member who has just come out

helping a friend lgbtq month

As a friend of someone who wants to come out, an understanding is important. That you not only have to accept it but embrace the idea altogether.

There is a thin line of difference in understanding the concept and applying it in their real lives. Try to accept their newfound identity.

They are still trying to fit into it and will not like the rush process. Where they are still not even sure if the person they meet has the same thoughts as theirs.

The ever-changing Labels

lgbtq means

Sexuality is a confusing process and there are many labels that will get reverted and used over time.

Some individuals identified as gay and later on concluded that they actually belong to the transgender community. This is a difficult process for an individual who is going through this.

They are still trying to figure themselves out.  A battle goes on within them and outside as well.

Teenagers are about growing and finding out who you are. For those in this community, the finding out stage never ends.

They are learning new things about themselves, who they like, who they feel attracted to, etc. it is very important to give support to them.

Recognizing their Sexuality

lgbtq sexuality recognize

Coming out is not an easy process. It is a very difficult task. It does not happen overnight or takes place once in the entire lifetime. The person has to first come out to their own selves.

They have to accept who they really are and see how they are now going to adapt to their new surroundings. Having a friend in this kind of situation can be of great help.

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They have to come out to their family which is very hard as no one knows what reactions will follow after coming out. After this, even if the family accepts, the process is not over just yet.

This process is repeated every single time that they open up to another person. Every single time they are confronted with different reactions that they have to adapt to.

The process of coming out

This process is life long as the individual opens up to different people again and again. This never gets easier as the reactions are different every time.

lgbt pride month

However, this might become normal after one point for the individual but the battle will be lifelong. Having a friend next to them when they take the first steps is crucial as it gives them support and love.

They know that their step is right and no matter how hard the battle is, they have someone on their side.

The same-sex marriage community

same sex marriage community

When helping a friend out, make sure you never pressurize them into coming out and telling everyone about their personality. For someone to come out is a huge decision, is a great decision.

They need time to adapt and grab the idea of what their surroundings will be once the label of their kind of sexuality changes.

Same-sex marriage is slowly and making its way in the world. It stands firmly with the idea that love has no gender.

Same-sex marriage is an uncommon thing

Same sex marriage couple

There are many challenges that it faces. The people that get the invitation to such a wedding are also very varied. The way they will react is something no one can ever gauge.

Same-sex marriage is still struggling and finding a way in the world. These marriages are openly supported by many LGBT communities as well to fight for them.

People who support LGBT and fight for it against people who call it wrong are the ones who groups to form a community.

The stage of acceptance

When helping a friend who is gay or transgender or any other type, understand that not everyone is as accepting as you are.

pride acceptance stage

There are millions of people out there who will point fingers and call names and do violent things against the LGBT community.

This can break the individual who is already fighting a battle. Give them their time to come out and confront people about their sexuality.

LGBT Pride Month

pride month

LGBT Pride month is a month that is taken to recognize how the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities make their impact. June is taken to be the LGBT Pride month.

LGBT Pride month is followed by events and parades that support gay pride. This month helps many to find a platform to express themselves freely without hesitation along with others who are like them or support them.


To wrap up, there are many battles that are fought by individuals that are gay or transgender or belong to the LGBT community. This battle is going to go on for a long time even for same-sex marriages.

However, support and love are all they need. Help out a friend, who is struggling through this, they really need it.

It will take time, but they will find their place in the world. If the battle goes on and on, and eventually, they will not have to fight for their rights anymore.

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