21 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

Irrespective if you are a beginner or a pro, there are several small things that you ignore, that hit your health and fitness at the Gym in the wrong direction.  There are several things you should save yourself from when you hit the gym next time:

1. Avoid skipping Warm-up

Skipping warm-up in gym

Avoid getting on-boarded directly on lifting and starting with heavy workouts, start with warm-ups and stretching, for your body to loosen up a bit. It is necessary to increase your body temperature of muscles and prepare the neuromuscular connection to fire rapidly.

2. Don’t have same Work-out Everyday

rest after gym

Avoid doing the same work-out every day. Your body needs to rest and recover from the exercise you do. It’s a necessity to give each of your muscle rest of at least 48 hours between workouts. Let’s your muscles chill out and try different exercises every day.

3. Don’t run away from Dumbbell

dumbells in gym

Merely cardio will not help, to burn the fat and flabby body under and to get those sexy arms, tight calves and overall a tight body- lifting dumbbell helps.

4. Avoid bad Postures

Avoid bad posture

Often people enter the gym and start hitting on the types of equipment, each exercise and equipment needs a proper posture, learn them. Not following them may lead to muscle strain and sprain and future injuries.

5. Avoid heavy food before work Out

heavy food before workout

Keep your belly light, if you plan to do workout within an hour’s time, keep your meal light. It’s important to have energy, but your body needs at least 2 hours to digest heavy food.

6. Know your work-out for the Day 

daily workout

Don’t be clueless and waste a single minute at the gym. Be more productive and thin about the work-out plan a day ahead.

7. Post-workout Protein

post workout protein drink

It’s necessary to built new muscles and repair the old ones if there are a few broken muscles, you cannot expect them to repair on their own. Protein helps in repairing them.

8. Too much of Cardio
avoid cardio exercise

Cardio provides such a toned body that is true to quite an extent, but too much cardio increases the cortisol in your body, which results from tear downs the tissues in your muscle. Fewer muscles decrease the metabolism rate. It’s advised to do cardio 3-4 times a week, that too for 30 to 40 minutes. It affects health and fitness.

9. Just working on Abs to reduce the Waist

working on abs

In order to shrink their waist, excessively train their abs. By just doing side bends, leg lifts, ball crunches and crunch circuit abs workout you cannot reduce the fat, it just creates an illusion of a tighter stomach. One needs to do more than just working on abs.

10. Not to shred the Sweat

sweat in gym

To all you young buddy, it’s GYM, you need to sweat. Trying not to sweat intact is not the reason to hit the gym, let your skin breathe freely.

11. Don’t use the mat and bench without Cleaning

use bench cleaning in gym

There are so many people using the same mats, round the clock, thus they contain swear, bacteria, fungus, and other viruses. Also, If you are wounded and get infected by these you may end having a severe infection. Hence clean them well using a sanitizer, spray or wipes.

12. Don’t advice Much

things never do in gym

When someone new comes into the gym, we would like to help and guide them. Sometimes the pieces of advice might go wrong and affect them badly. Unless their technique is really bad and harmful for their body, just inform the trainer and take further steps.

13. Don’t hesitate to call out for a little Help

take advice in gym

Always plan on to having a buddy when lifting heavy weights. It’s good to have someone overlook your bad posture, and motivate you when you are struggling with heavy weights.

14. Focus on self and not on the Selfie

take selfie in gym

There are so many beautiful places to capture; the gym is quite not the place. Taking the picture which might un-intentionally capture other people in the gym is like evading their privacy and making them uncomfortable.

15. I say, avoid Cell phones Totally

avoid phones in gym

Not only taking selfie’s but shouldn’t be used at the gym at all. It distracts you allot; you might hit someone, or get misguided. People sit on the bench or mats start using cell phones, wasting the time of others as well. Make the most of where you are; focus on improving your health and fitness.

16. Music is really good – Use head-Phones

use headphone in gym

Listening to music really helps in getting the momentum and pushing you to do better. But not everyone is interested in your music, they have got their own! Don’t listen to music loudly; use headphones before someone else starts sharing their playlist loudly with you too.

17. The gym is not a place to just Socialize 

socialize in gym

It’s good to have gym-buddies, but don’t over socialize and get engaged in long conversation and gossips. I repeat make most of where you are, don’t waste a minute at the gym from getting healthier.

18. Don’t grunt Loudly

weight-lifting in gym

Sometimes we are so lost while exercising, that we start grunting loudly. It becomes quite awkward for people to focus on their exercise with that noise.

19. Don’t flex in front of the Mirror

infront of the mirror in gym

It’s super awesome and empowering to look at your body turning into perfect shape. But avoid flexing in front of the mirror.

20. Not drinking enough Water

girl drinking water in gym

Most people avoid drinking enough water. Consumption of water is very important as it flushes out the toxins, prevents dizziness as well. It helps in improving metabolism and reduces fatigue.  I guess these many reasons are enough.

21. Don’t stare at your Neighbours

look others in gym

You do your thing, buddy stops comparing. It’s your body, it’s different than others. Focus on where and how you need to work on yours.

Some bonus tips for our lovely reader
  • Don’t hit the treadmill too Hard:- Don’t just slam the treadmill while running; this clearly indicates you need the proper running form. Evaluate and fix it.

  • Avoid too much Perfume:- People at the gym breathe heavily and some people are sensitive to some fragrances. One needs to respect the personal space of others around while entering the gym. Be considerate, leave roses for some other place.

  • Don’t wear daily shoes at the Gym:- You must keep separate shoes when you enter the gym, avoid going to the gym wearing the same shoes which you wear regularly, it helps to keep the gym clean.

  • Drop it from where you pick It:- As simples as that, keep the equipment in the right place, as it’s all about the discipline. It’s not your home; clean the equipment well after using them. The last thing one wants is to get drenched in your sweat.

  • Take – Care in your Periods:- Don’t miss-out gym just because it’s that time of your month, just be cautious, do low impact work-outs, drink a lot of water, have proper tampon or pad, wear clothes with the darker shade. Exercise and keep yourself healthy and fit without stress.
  • Let other’s take their Time:- There is no need to wait near the equipment which is already occupied and staring at the person.  Meanwhile, use some other equipment Let that person finish their set completely, the equipment is all yours after that.

  • Avoid PDA (Public displays of Affection):- If just hot gives you an adrenaline rush, the gym is not the place for you. Having a partner and getting healthy together is a great idea. But stop staring and doing PDA ( Public displays of Affection )

  • Pragmatic Expectations:- Don’t enter the Gym with the aim of changing your body overnight. Set goals and stop obsessing about the weighing scale, instead focus on how you feel, how your clothes fit and how motivated you feel daily. Give importance to health and fitness

  • Last but not least – Don’t make excuse about getting to the GYM:- No matter how busy you are, just think of the reason which made you enter the gym very first day.

  • You need time to focus on yourself, so don’t sacrifice this time. Even a quick 10-15 minutes work out is better than nothing, It’s important for health and fitness



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