Your Best Ways To Burn Fat

Why It’s So Hard To Burn Fat:- For quite some time now, fitness experts have said that the fat burnt by men is the result of how much they do and endure in the gym.

The amount of exercise and its intensity is directly proportional to the kind of weight loss they want.

Fitness tips revolve around the best ways to burn fat.  But today, their concept has changed.

Today, trainers have a different viewpoint. The amount of exercise done in the gym, might not be directly proportional to the results that it expects to yield. 

The Hadza Hunters

hadza hunters burn fat tips

The Hadza are a group of hunters that hunt for a living. Their lifestyle involves a lot of running and physical exertion as well.

They live in the regions of East Africa. The amount of physical activity and workouts that they do in a week is more than the amount of activity several people get in the entire time span of one single week.

This fitness was taken as a standard to compare the calories cost as compared to others who do not spend so much energy daily on the kind of physical activity. 

Measuring The Calorie Counts

measuring calories count

For measuring this kind of calorie cost, these hunters were all provided with a sample of water to drink.

This kind of water was laced along with two very rare kinds of isotopes inside of them.

After this, these isotopes were observed when they were peed out by the Hadza hunters.

From this, the derivation of the amount of carbon dioxide that had been formed inside of them and that had been fat burnt up until this point was measured.

So by an extension, the number of calories that were burnt by them were found out.

Herman Pontzer, who has obtained a Ph.D. and is an anthropologist himself said that he entered this study thinking that the number of calories burnt was equal to the amount of exertion that took place to burn them.

He believed the opposite to be true as well. The opposite meant that the more you sat and no physical activity was taking place, the lesser calories were burnt.

After this, he went ahead to compare the peed samples of these hunters with the sedentary office workers. The results that came out shocked him to the core. They were completely opposite from what he had expected.

Understanding Energy Flux

best tips to burn fat

According to DiMaria who is a writer in the parts of southern California, maintaining weight in the starting of his life span was an extremely easy task for him.

It was after reaching the age of forty that he realized that his weight was not as easy to manage as it had been till now. It became extremely hard to lose it.

According to his belief, weight loss is an effect of intensive energy. However, he also accepts that he never skipped meals for losing pounds, but he always made sure he ate a little less.

These kinds of patients are rare but do exist where exercise directly works for them and shows a result.

Energy flux differs from one individual to another. There exist different bodies where energy flux is different. In one type, an individual might intake more calories and burn more calories which is why his weight is balanced.

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Another type is where the individual consumes fewer calories as well as burns fewer calories. This is why his body has found a way to achieve balance as well.

Now a third type is a guy who doesn’t burn a lot of calories as he sits in an office and works all day. However, he needs the same amount of calories to survive the day. This means the energy intake of these individuals might not be very different from each other after all.

Comparison Of Tests

After adjusting in the area of body size, it came to conclude that these office slugs spent the same amount of energy as these hunters who spend their lives chasing and running behind animals.

This showed that the amount of levels of the energy that is spent by an animal that has been caged inside a locked zoo is the same.

When compared to a free counterpart born anywhere else and is not caged despite the increased amount of physical exertion of the uncaged counterparty.

The same is the case with men’s health. However, there are paradox’s also which confuses scientists.

The Theory Of Fluxing Vs Working Out

workout outdoors

The concept behind this follows another theory. The more that your body is active, the more it spends the calories.

The metabolism of every individual adjusts according to the level of activeness that he has.

Pontzer says that this case is the same across all the species including the men’s healthy life.

This also said that no matter how many calories an individual burns all day in the gym, his body forms a restriction limit for avoiding spending other calories in that particular day that stops his calorie consumption for his body.

What energy flux conveys is, Your body might prefer a proper level of energy flux that has been obtained since childhood.

In simpler language, a body will be stoned to a particular level of flux which is independent of how many calories you consume or burn.

Drenowatz has to say that no matter whether your body reacts to fluxing it out or working it out, exercise is something that will always keep you fit. It has psychological benefits as well.

Comparison Between Different Groups

Workout to Burn Fat

Many people that were actively involved throughout the day were compared to another group of people that were not that active. The energy levels of both groups were then compared with each other.

The physically active people which included the men’s health workouts though burned a higher amount of calories were not significant enough to say that they burnt more because they were physically active.

This meant that even with higher energy spending that group only burnt around two hundred calories more as compared to the group that was less active with no health workout.

Two hundred calories are not that significant as compared to the number of calories that are consumed throughout the day.

The Groundbreaking Truth

It is seen from this the amount of body fat that one wants to burn does not fully depend on the amount of exercise that he does is.

The intensity of workouts does not determine the number of calories or the amount of fat that is burnt is equal.

The human body comes with a predeceased number that decides how many calories to burn for one day.


Every single human body is naturally different from the other. Every single individual that is there has different kinds of levels to spend the amount of energy in one particular day.

The amount of energy that is spent will not burn fatter in the same proportion. Metabolism decides how much fat to burn.

So after one particular point, no matter the exertion the body will stop burning fat. 

This is the theory that gave birth to this concept where the amount of fat burnt is not directly proportional to the duration and intensity of the workouts undertaken. 

Now you can easily burn fat according to this theory.

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