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For all you sad little Marvel fans out there, here is good news for you. With the release of the film the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ the fans were all teary eyed. (Oh, if you have still not watched the movie, SPOILER ALERT)

It was hard for the audience to accept the death of their favorite characters. The endgame marks the end to the franchise of Avengers. The movie was much hyped because of its marketing; even before the name was released Marvel fans were excited about the movie.

After all the prior movies were leading up to this. We all were nostalgic when the first main character dies in the middle of the movie. But now that, the movie is released and earned a huge profit.

Avengers End game

It’s all out in the open, we can all cry out loud on the death of Natasha Romanoff or Black Widow played by gorgeous Scarlett Johansson and Tony Stark / Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr. It was heart-breaking.

This second death was revealed at the end of the movie, in the final battle. The audience was already, fairly aware of the devastating effects on the user of the wielding stones. We really cannot argue which death made the audience sadder. Everyone had their own opinions.

Marvel Entertainment in collaboration with NetEase has come up with a new Marvel game for wiping the tears of all the sad Marvel fans. This new marvel game is called Marvel super war.

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The good news doesn’t end here; the novel marvel game is free for everyone to play. It’s available in both IOS and ANDROID. For now, it’s released only for a closed test, in a few countries.

Marvel Entertainment, is Walt Disney Company’s a wholly-owned subsidiary entertainment company. Marvel is significantly popular as being the best character-based entertainment company. There are a million of fans all across the globe.

The marvel universe in about a duration of 75 years gave successfully introduced its fan family with about 8,000 brilliantly novel characters. Marvel has kept their fans glued to its comics, movies TV shows and now with the introduction of games, there is no turning back.

Founded in the year 2001, NetEase is a company headquartered in Guangzhou, China. It aims to globally publish as well as develop as one of the leading brands. In a period of very few years, the passion for games of the producers has brought the company to walk on the footsteps of success.

NetEase has been producing a number of games few of the games include, games like the Fantasy Westward Journey. Games like these have changed the face of gaming experience.

This marvel game allows its players to live real-time combat of their favorite characters. They can recreate avengers fight or direct one of their own. The game called Marvel Super War, allows you to witness the fight of your favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains.

Imagine you can select anyone at all from the entire the Marvel Universe and make them fight as you desire.

You will be able to choose characters from,
  • Avengers
  • X-Men
  • The Guardians of The Galaxy
  • Spider-Man

Marvel Super War Characters

Select your desired character from any of these universes and bring them together to fight for your entertainment. Aren’t you the most luxurious evil lord? The Marvel game fulfills all the desires you couldn’t fulfill while watching the movie.

Haven’t you blamed the director for an ending that’s not according to your choice? Haven’t you thought, if you were to write the story you would make an entirely different kind of epic move?  Well here’s your chance, this time you get to direct. Choose your characters; choose their movies while you make them fight. Make your favorite character win. It’s all up to you.

Each and every superhero and every supervillain exhibit a set of unbelievable powers and abilities. Now, in this Marvel game, you can combine these powers and smoothly turn them into much more powerful combos. These combos serve their best to amplify the experience of the player, the addition of depth and excitement is praiseworthy.

You as a player may enter into the combat as Deadpool or switch to any other character. You get to fight like your favorite Avengers fight. You can dash or slash or you can do both. You will be a marvel character after all. Amidst a super war in the Marvel world, victory requires teamwork.

You can enter this world anywhere, anytime and conquer a battle of a lifetime. Select your favorite superhero and create unimaginably unique mashups and have the time of your life.

This marvel production has exquisitely hyped the first few players. The colossal clash the marvel game offers is pulse pounding. Marvel super war is the first MOBA game introduced by Marvel production along with NetEase.

Marvel Super War Gameplay

The mobile game has not been officially released in all the parts of the world but its trailer is receiving millions of viewers. These viewers are desperate for a full-fledged introduction of the game to play as a MARVEL character.

Along with an exciting description and trailer of the game, the with the press release of Marvel super war has come up with its official links to download the mobile game,

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