Fortnite Season 9 – The Most Awaited Video Game

So the wait is finally over. The owners and makers of the game Fortnite have launched Fortnite Season 9 and it is amazing. The gamers love it and the season is creating havoc in the gaming industry,

The world today is commanded by technology in every aspect of our lives. Gone are the days when a kid would sit and play board games. Today, there are several video games with millions of games and their very own unique versions as well.

Video gaming has reached a completely new level as it conquered various kinds of advanced tech. today people sitting continents away can play games together at the same time and have fun with their friends, distance is only a myth now. Technology has rapidly advanced in the fields of video gaming as it gains more and more users every single day.

Evolution Of Fortnite

Evolution of Fortnite 2019

There are many platforms that provide with video games. At the same time, there are a few games that stand out as compared to the other games.

These games usually end up capturing the entire market when loved by the users and the public. They also successfully become huge sources of income for the developers of the game.

Today games are not just limited to children; almost every age group plays video games, even elder people and even the ones who are disabled as it hardly needs any physical movement of the body.

Amongst these few games that stood out, Fortnite was quite a famous one. It bagged millions of users in a very short span following the release date of the game.

It became one of the biggest and the easiest sources of income for Epic, as it sold seasonal Battle Passes, skins and virtual items for avatars for a nominal cost.

Fortnite has captured the hearts of millions of video game users across the world. It has come across as one of the most popular video games to have ever been made.

It was developed by Epic games. Its release was in the year of 2017. “Fortnite Battle Royale” was the one version that drew in around 125 million players in the very year of its release making it immensely popular.

This game has three versions namely Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite Save the World

Fortnite Save the World

It has been designed in the way of player-versus-environment mentality. It consists of pairing up of four players that march towards the same mission by coordinating and cooperating amongst themselves.

The origin of the game comes across as when a storm on the earth causes around 98 percent of the population to disappear. These survivors who are left down have to save themselves from zombie- formed husks.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite 2019 Battle Royale

It was released as a free version globally. It gained millions of players in almost three months from the release itself. Huge quantities of players joined in the game making it the most successful one out of the three without any doubt.

Fortnite Creative

It was released in the month of December in 2018 side by side as Season 7 was released at the same time as well. This game launched a version where the player has his own island that he can build from the scratch from manipulating objects and creating new buildings as well. At first, the private island was only available for those players who bought the Battle pass, but after some time, the other players were granted access as well.

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What You Will Have In The Latest Season?

Fortnite Last Season

The game is going to have a season 9. It doesn’t drastically come with a lot of differences, however, it does add many new locations namely Neo Tilted which has replaced Tilted Towers, as it was destroyed from a volcano eruption last week, followed by Mega Mall, which is merely an upgraded version on Retail Row, and lastly  Pressure Plant which is placed  where the volcano used to stand.

A new feature added is called “Slipstreams”. These are usually turbines that power a transport system that is wind-based. This will help get across the map in a faster way. This also means it will be a challenge in combats too.

A new feature called “Fortbytes” has also been added. It is like a hidden item challenge. For all those gamers that have already bought a Battle Pass, have a chance to collect one hundred chips that are scattered across everywhere in the game.

For the starters, 18 of them will be released and gradually a new one will be added on a daily basis. The gamers have to collect all of them. Once they do they can unlock rewards and secrets.

Other than this, we go forward to talk about guns. Unfortunately, not many guns have been added. Only one new gun has made its appearance. It is called the “Combat Shotgun”. Its features do not seem to highlight or stand out a lot.

However, many of the existing weapons have also been removed as well. This includes clingers, pump shotgun, poison dart trap, scoped revolver, suppressed assault rifle, thermal assault rifle, and balloons. These have been successfully eliminated in the ninth season.

One noteworthy point is that Fortnite will now also have three new limited time games as well. To name them, they are:

  1. Three-person squad “trios,”
  2. “Solid gold” mode that uses legendary weapons and “one-shot”
  3. A sniper-only battle set in a low-gravity environment.

This game has been a tremendous success in the world of video games. The players have loved every bit of it. Epic has earned a lot from this creation and also has been more famous than ever. All of them are boosting up and eagerly waiting for fortnite season 9 to roll out.

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