How To Keep A Relationship Strong And Happy

Everyone wishes to have a strong and happy relationship, and happiness knows no bounds when you find someone who accepts you just the way you are and loves you no matter what.

This is the kind of unconditional love everyone thinks they deserve. But does everyone have a fairy-tale ending? Does everyone get a partner with whom they are able to walk off into the sunset with the promise of a happily ever after? The answer to these questions is a big fat No.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fall in love and give the person all your love. Because it is said that love, as well as strong relationship triumphs all and those words, are absolutely right. Love does triumph in the end. It doesn’t matter how the person looks like or how rich or poor they are.

Everyone needs a shoulder to lean and cry on. And when you do find a person who seems okay with all your little quirks and weird habits and loves you even though you can be really stupid at times and be a shoulder to lean on when you need it.

That’s all you really need. If you do find a person who loves you just the way you are and makes you feel like the most beautiful person in the room. Never let them out of your sight.

As and when you do find someone whom you love and the person miraculously loves you back do everything you can to not let them go.

But, humans are prone to making mistakes and there may be times that you might feel that the spark that you felt at the beginning of the strong relationship is gone and things are getting harder. Don’t give up.

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Here are some tips that can be used to help you achieve your happily ever after:

understanding in relationship

  • Understanding – No matter what you do you will never be able to know what the other person is feeling and what he/she is going through at a point of time. But you can try to understand them and be whatever they need you to be. It can be a knight in shining armor or it can also just be a shoulder to lean on when things aren’t going right for them. And, when they do get out of their bad phase and see you still standing there with your arms wide open, they would eternally be grateful to you. Hence, in order to have a happy relationship, you need to have a great understanding.

patience in relationship

  • Patience – When you are dealing with another person who is quite different from you, you will find their habits and a lot of things a bit irritating and these might eventually lead to full-blown fights which might be harmful to your strong and happy So, at times like this you should be as patient as possible with the other person and try to understand things from their perspective as well.

forgiveness in relationship

  • Forgiveness – Humans are bound to make mistakes and your partner is only human. He/she can make their share of mistakes and these mistakes might hurt at times. But, you should learn to forgive the person for the mistakes that they make and learn to accept them just as they are. This might not be much in the short run but in the run, it proves to be quite effective. Forgiveness is the key to have a strong relationship with your partner.

loyal couple

  • Loyalty – This one of the things that can make or break a happy relationship. Sometimes you might feel unwanted and unloved by your partner because of various reasons. But, that doesn’t mean you give up on them or the happy relationship and decide to fill the void inside of you by cheating on them At times when you feel the strong and happy relationship is going in the wrong direction all you have to do is step back and take some time to analyze yourself and give them some time too. This would help strengthen the strong relationship.

  • Acceptance – As it is said acceptance is the key to happiness. People have different experiences in their lives and no two people would ever be the same and this might cause quite a lot of differences. But the best way to be happy is to accept that the other person is a certain way and accept all their little quirks. Because these quirks are the reason they are different from other people and the reason that made them attractive to you. Yes, acceptance is what drives the vehicle of a strong relationship.

Even though the promise of a happily ever after is a false one, people do want to believe it does exist. And that happens only when you love the other person unconditionally and give them all of you – mind, body and soul. You may still have your share of differences in opinion but the commitment and promise that you made to the other person should always come first.

There may be times when you or your partner needs space because of some problems. That space should be given for them to be themselves and sop that you do not lose your individuality in the process of being in a strong relationship.

Because only when you learn to love yourself just the way you are will another person be able to love you for the same. A lot of time, effort and patients have to be invested in a happy relationship for it last the test of time. And when you spend that time together you do realize that these differences and quirks are what makes us and our partner human.

So, the next time you feel like walking into the sunset and spending a happily ever after with another person you also have to know that it comes with a share of struggles and fights which the couple has to overcome together. This is how you can have a happy relationship with your partner.

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