Better Search Engines Than Google

Whenever we want to get any information about anything in the world, we seek to Google. It is believed that Google is ’Search guru’. Every minute detail is available for anything and everything.

Google is an open source search engine. Hence it will not certify for your privacy concerns. There are many search engines available in the market that might not give an optimum performance like google but surely protects your privacy.

These search engines will avoid storing your personal data and will not ask for your current location.

Over the decades, Google has been the best search engine of all time. There are many others like bing, Mozilla, Yahoo, etc. but all these are not even close to Google.

Google Bing Yahoo Search Engines

It is user-friendly and you can search in several ways like audio, picture, keywords or anything and you will get exactly what you’re looking for. No set of rules are there to follow.

But have you noticed, Google always asks for personal data and asks for location. Whereas in others that is not the case.

If privacy is more important to you than searching, you might want to seek other options. Surely in terms of surfing, there is no one that can beat the google, but to maintain your privacy and save from getting leaked, or noticed by others, there are several other search engines much better than Google in this manner.

You can save yourself from many fraudulent cases that are happening worldwide due to the misuse of personal data by search engines. With a phone number also, all the confidential documents and bank details of a person are linked.

If a phone number is also displayed on any of the browsers, it can be hacked and false use can be done out of it.

The things that you search online, might be very personal for you. Through the history tab or recently searched pages, Google practically shows those things to other users indirectly.

There could be stuff about personal life, searches on fatal diseases, real estate, surprise treats, and many others. It is not necessary for others to check this. Showing recently viewed pages in the search bar, your important things are kept out in open.

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Google page is an indirect navigating device. For the searches you do there, google provides completely free service and in return, it demands your location.

There are several ways in which Google might track you down and this makes the entire world an open market by Google. With live location, anything can be done from anywhere via google.

There are several search engines who strive to take care of your privacy and can let you search without any botheration. They are as follows:


DuckDuckGo Search Engine

  1. DuckDuckGo: The ones who wish to keep their privacy protected from random users, turn to this one for searching. It has been technically tested by thousands of testers that the company doesn’t keep a log for user’s data. You can enjoy searching under the anonymous header and no backend scheme is observed in trying to save your personal information.

The extension link to this browser is available on google page as well. (What is not available on google?) You can easily download it from there and can set it as a browsing tool on your desktop/laptop.

The company keeps you as a ghost viewer throughout your search time. It doesn’t store you in company data and also doesn’t share with any other company.


Startpage Search Engine

  1. Start page: In terms of privacy protection, this one is considered much more useful than Google. This company also doesn’t keep tabs on users’ personal information. It won’t even store it on the portal. You are a ghost viewer who is there for searching and that’s it. Adding on that, it won’t even keep a track record of what you have searched. Thus no one will know about your recent searches.

Thus, there are several search engines that are focused on privacy protection. Other than the two discussed above, there is numerous present in the market.

Few of these even charge their users for the protection service they provide. It is highly possible that you might not get desired results like google. But your data would be surely protected.

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