Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Mysteriously Moving Quickly

We must have heard it a thousand times over already, “the North Pole is not where it used to be- it has shifted from its place!

But has anyone ever wondered what it means, how it would affect the animals and humans that have been living on this planet called earth for a long time already?

There are two magnetic poles of this planet called earth. Namely, they are the North Pole and the South Pole. The north pole which is situated near the Canadian Arctic is slowly moving towards Siberia.

This is the place where the southern pole exists and this particular movement of the poles has forced the scientists of NCEI to update the “ world Magnetic Model” in the middle of its cycle.

Usually, there are regular updates from the UK and USA regarding the movement of the pole every five years, which was estimated at a whopping 34 miles a year (55 kilometers). 

Recently the movement has been so fast that past estimates are not accurate any longer for the purpose of precise navigation of the movement of the pole.

In the year 2017, the pole had crossed the International Date Line and has been steadily moving towards Siberia and this time’s update came sooner because the pole’s movement has become faster than before.

World Magnetic Model – What is it?

World Magnetic Model

It is a large scale representation of the Earth’s magnetic field. Normally, a new model of the world magnetic model is released every five years to keep up with the updates regarding the movement of the pole.

As, the last update of the movement was released in the year 2015, the most recent update as scheduled for the end of 2019.

But, due to the unplanned variations in the Arctic region, a new model was released to show the movement of the poles in a more accurate manner.

World Magnetic Model And Its Uses 

Here are some of the major uses of the WMM:

  • The military uses the WMM for the purpose of navigation of its aircraft and submarines, parachute deployment, etc.

  • Some of the organizations under the government such as NASA, Federal Aviation Administration, US forest service, use this technology for the purpose of surveying, mapping satellite tracking ad air traffic management.

  • The compasses in the smartphones that are available today also use the WMM.

  • Airplanes and ships also rely on the WMM for the purpose of backup navigation.

  • The names of the airport runways are also based on their direction towards the poles and as the position of the poles change, so do the names of the runways at the airports.

Shifting Of The Magnetic Pole

Since 1831, the first time the pole had been calculated in the Canadian Arctic, from there it has moved a great distance towards Siberia – 1400 miles (2300 kilometers) and its speed has jumped from 9 miles per hour to 34 miles per hour.

The main reason for this drastic movement in the position of the pole is the turbulence in the Earth’s liquid outer core.

A hot liquid ocean of iron and nickel exists in the planet’s core, and the movement generates a field of electricity.

The Flip Of The Poles

As compared to the North Pole, the movement of the southern magnetic pole is slower, and this means that the magnetic fields are getting weaker and this results in the scientists believing that the poles might flip and this might result in the north as well as the South Pole changing polarity.

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This phenomenon has happened a lot of times since the time the earth was created but has not occurred for the past 7, 80,000 years.

As it is known, there is an invisible force shield around the death star and the same exists around the Earth as well.

The magnetic field which is formed due to the molten iron that is swirling in the core of our planet protects our planet from the most statically charged particles.

That is thrown by the Sun and protects the planet from harm. But, every now and then the earth lets down its guard and it suffers.

Magnetic Pole Reversal

Magnetic Pole Reversal


In the past, the earth’s polarity has reversed a lot of times. And as predicted by the scientists the phenomenon is yet to happen again resulting in the north pole becoming the south pole and the invisible energy.

That protects our planet from harm by acting like an Armour against the deadly particles thrown at us by the Sun, will break and will result in the reduction of the shield’s strength by 90 percent.


The shift in the polarity would not only affect the human population as WMM is used by aircraft, ships, submarines and even the satellites wandering around the earth.

But, it will also affect the birds that navigate their way to other parts of the earth as part of migration when the living conditions in their primary habitat become quite harsh. 

This shift would also result in the weakening of the invisible shield around our beloved planet earth and cause harm to it at an alarming rate.

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