Impact Of Social Media On Relationships

Do you remember the last time you spent a day without using your cell phone? Do you even get out of your home or workplace without one? Why do you check before going to bed? And what do you need to see first thing in the morning? Well, you might understand where I am getting at.

It has become one need to scroll down Instagram or check what others are tweeting or get to know the latest updates in one’s life through Facebook, to the least check Whatsapp for chats from your friends and family members.

According to surveys taken to several legitimate portals, we have come across the fact that an average person spends around 3-4 hours on social media. You might not be able to have a normal conversation for say 30 minutes.

Social Media

But you won’t last long without using social media sites or applications. Surely this is going to affect your relationships. Impact Of Social Media can be vital for one’s daily routines. The more you finish your work with a text or a notification by email, your communication skills in person are found to be quite deteriorating.

If building Relationships Online continues at the same pace, we might not notice but it is eating the real us from within. Anything built up online is limited to a mere delete option. The foundation itself is weak to have a healthy relation.

You might not experience it, but we have become slaves of social media. It is making us distant from the person sitting right in front of us, just to make us feel connected to a person miles away.

Social Media Slaves

Impact Of Social Media On Our Existing Relations Are As Follows:

1. Topics are discussed briefly without giving much of a concern.


2. Arguments on petty reasons cause undeniable fights.


3. In get-together’s where everyone should be talking to each other, everyone is busy talking to someone sitting miles away. Or scrolling feed online, or reading to news reports, or emailing to their correspondences.


4. No skills in one-on-one conversation are learned.


5. One can misunderstand the meaning of the sentence if not properly framed and could be taken under a false presence.


6. Personal life has become public. And over that, everyone is allowed to show their views by commenting on it. Hence no privacy at all.


7. Your loved ones can feel a void in your relationship with them, for your habit of being connected to a digital world more than a lively one.


8. For some, it has cost them a fortune by losing jobs, friends, family for their overuse of social media.


9. Having a Relationship Online surely ruins your relationship offline.


10. Everything expressed online is Platonic. You can’t get along with it until you actually feel it.


11. Say it be a bomb blast somewhere or a wedding happening somewhere or child abuse at one place or a rocket being launched or a girl being raped or a martyr being honored, we are not feeling grief or pain or happiness or worry or curious or any such emotion. Everything seems normal and acceptable.


12. The empathetic nature of one’s true self is buried under the influence of social media.

relationship social media

Impact Of Social Media: From personal, to professional every relationship gets negatively affected. It creates an invisible gap that cannot be bridged until you start focusing on your relationship. If you are addicted to social media, you cannot come out of it overnight. You have to struggle to be away from it little by little every day.

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You and your loved ones should have the patience to bring you out from a hypothetical world to a real one. No feed or news or chat is more important online than it is in person with somebody.

You have to understand the fact that in creating a relation online, I am neglecting the one right in front of me. It’s agreed that social media is a must needed platform to keep you updated.

But not as much as the fact that it is getting more importance than it deserves. Don’t shut down the human in you due to something like this.

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