What Is A Black Hole And Types of Black Hole

A few days ago there was this image that was floating on the internet and was supposedly the black hole(looked more like a donut though) and people were speaking about how the scientists at NASA had done a really good job and provided us with the first-ever image of a black hole.

Do not get fooled by the name, black holes are not an empty space but actually are regions of space-time with a great amount of matter packed into a small area. So it has such a great gravitational force that nothing (not even light) can escape from it.

Science has made such advancement that now we are able to have a look at the black hole and do more research on it to realize that it is so massive, big and powerful that its radius would be something that would cover the distance of an entire city.

How were black holes discovered?

In earlier times when science had not made such advancements the prediction about these regions of space-time was made because of Einstein’s theory of general relativity which showed that when a star dies it leaves behind a small and dense remnant core.

black hole discovery

And then it was discovered that if the mass of this core is more than three times the mass of the sun then the force of gravity overwhelms all the other forces that exist in space and that is how a black hole is formed.

When any star goes too near to black holes, the star gets attracted towards it because of its massive gravitational pull and hence emits gamma rays because of its acceleration towards the black hole.

This magnificent phenomenon that was discovered because of the study done in astronomy have dramatic effects on their neighborhood hence devouring stars, emitting powerful bursts of gamma-ray and as a result spurring the growth of new stars is an ongoing process in space.

Types of Black holes

As time passed, the numbers of discovered black holes increased black holes and hence came the realization that there are different types of black holes and are differentiated on the basis of their mass.

And according to the black hole theory, there are mainly three different types of black holes, and there they are:

stellar black hole

Stellar Black holes: These are formed when a massive star collapses.

super massive black hole

Super-massive Black holes: It’s not yet discovered how they are formed, but it’s known that they normally exist in the center of the galaxies (including our own milky way) and have a mass that is equivalent to billions of suns.

miniature black hole

Miniature Black holes: No one has ever discovered this type of black hole which would have a mass that is smaller than that of our sun. But it is a possibility that these were formed 13.7 billion years ago at the time of the big bang.

Black holes are one of the most strange and fascinating objects that are found in outer space and are objects of extreme mass and density with a very strong gravitational pull.

Commonly known facts about black holes:

Einstein was the first person to predict the black holes with his general theory of relativity.

  1. The term black hole was coined by American astronomer in 1967
  2. The first black hole was discovered in the year 1971.
  3. Our own galaxy contains a million stellar black holes.
  4. Scientists can’t “see” these black holes directly but rely on dust and gas that is drawn into these immense creatures.
  5. In 2015, Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) was created and has helped in observing several other incidents that were not visible without the detection of gravitational waves.
  6. If a person fell into a black hole theory suggests that gravity would stretch the body like noodles, though the person would die before reaching the singularity.
  7. Black holes do not “suck”, but objects fall into them. Suction is caused by pulling something into the vacuum. And the black hole is certainly not a vacuum.

Recently in world news, there was an image that was released by NASA that had a very unclear picture of a black hole. It had been done through a telescope which relies on the gravitational waves emitted by the black hole.

Thus giving the world a peek at what a black hole actually looks like in reality. And thus the “supposed” department of black holes NASA (I think there would be one department dedicated to this field of study) was able to give us a glimpse at it.

And with more advancement in Science, it is believed that there would be a picture of a black hole which would give us more clarity on the workings of a black hole and also a clearer image of it (that does not look like a donut).


Even though the black holes are really far away from the earth, it can be said that with more advancement in science and with more gadgets there would be more knowledge that could be acquired about the mysterious phenomenon called the black hole.

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